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Network Management

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Audit Verification

  • An Audit Verification can be performed utilizing device asset data from a DCIM solution or a CMDB.
  • Our team will physically review each asset, compare to the downloaded asset information, and update the asset data on our mobile devices.
  • The updated asset information collected in dcVue will be used to update the DCIM.

Asset Survey

  • Provides an organization with a clear understanding of the location and quantity of equipment hosted in a data center.
  • An Audit Survey can be performed to document the location, make and model of all devices in the data center.
  • The results of the Audit Survey can be easily formatted to define all outdated and unused equipment that needs to be decommissioned or replaced with new devices.

Data Collection

  • Offers the ability to collect unknown customer specific asset information.
  • Data Collection is performed by physically reviewing the contents of each rack in the data center and documenting customer specific asset attributes with our mobile solution – dcVue.
  • Our team will document the entire data center and prepare an export file that can be imported into the asset management system.

Customized Audit

  • Offers a unique blend of Asset SurveyAudit Verificationand Data collection.
  • A Customized Audit can be tailored to meet specific needs.
    • Update the current asset information (Audit Verification)
    • Confirm new assets added to a location (Data Collection)
  • Determine the total number of assets (Asset Survey) in each of the data rooms.
  • Our team will prepare an export file for each type of audit performed.


The SmartScan feature allows the dcVue audit team to quickly and accurately true-up client data. Reports containing the results of the audit are provided for review and remediation.

  • Confirm the presence of a device.
  • Identify a missing device.
  • Move a device.
  • Add a device.

ROI Calculator

With the ROI Calculator and information provided by you, the dcVue team can provide you with the potential saving that your organization could realize by replacing your current physical audit process with the dcVue audit method.  Reports containing information for the following are available.

  • Efficiency dollars saved.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Potential maintenance cost avoidance.
  • Total saving per audit.
  • Breakeven analysis.