dcVue HUB

The dcVue HUB provides the management of asset data and dcVue handheld devices. The synchronization of the data collected or updated on each handheld is captured and stored in the HUB’s database.

Synchronization Features

The HUB Dashboard provides a real-time view of the state of data being audited. The Reports menu contains options for viewing and/or exporting statistical data regarding the newly captured device data as well as reports containing information for device data that is changed (updated) during the Audit process. The Rack view provides a visual display of the contents of each rack as recorded in the provided data as well as updated status recorded during the audit process (audited, not audited, missing, moved)

dcVue Mobile

dcVue Mobile provides the tools needed to audit device data, device power connectivity, and device network connectivity.

The SmartScan feature allows a user to quickly and accurately true-up their data.